Series 6 Recline

Series 6 Recline

About the <br /> Series 6 Recline

About the
Series 6 Recline

Series 6 Recline is a totally new seat design with a simplicity that could only come from the uniquely different way we look at cabin space.

We ditched the standard aluminium seatback frame, redesigning it as a composite skeleton that is both beautiful and efficient.

As a result Series 6 Recline provides increased passenger comfort - thanks to greater legroom and width; lighter weight and increased durability.

Available in fixed back and reclining versions, Series 6 Recline incorporates Passenger Experience (PX) orientated design features, including a BYOD integrated tablet holder.

The Series 6 seat is the ultimate demonstration of Extraspatial Design unlocking the ‘space within the space.

Series 6 Recline product features
• Extraspatial Design featuring composite skeleton seatback
• Available in both fixed back and recline versions
• Wider seatback for Boeing installations (+18mm extra width)
• eXtra Comfort “XC” version available for Airbus Narrow Body configurations
• Enhanced recline lever accessibility
• Maximum recline 5”
• Large single leaf table
• Integrated tablet holder in the seatback
• lighter than current generation seat
• Reduced number of component parts
• Increased durability
• 16g and HIC certification available

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Our passenger comfort levels are significantly increased by the Acro Ultra seat, which at 29” pitch gives legroom comparable to a conventional seat at 32”.

For Primera, the cost savings associated with weight reduction and maintenance of this very durable seat are an essential part of staying competitive in today’s market.

Odd Gomsrud Director
Technical Operations
Primera Air

We searched the market for a robust, lightweight and reliable seat that would enhance the image of our cabin. The Acro seat was the clear winner – we checked with existing users and have done even better than we expected. It is an ideal seat for this aircraft

Mick Conlon
Director of Engineering
Aer Arann

Our passengers think that the Acro Superlight offers excellent overall comfort. We appreciate the durable design and light weight through minimal maintenance costs and future fuel savings…

Andrey Yurikov
Engineering Manager