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Series 7

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Series 7

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Series 7

We designed our Series 7 Premium seat the ‘right’ way – as a piece of furniture - not a piece of equipment. Because when something is beautifully designed it enhances the way people feel, their experiences and the choices they make.

We’ve used Extraspatial Design to optimise hidden dimensions; creating a seat that is beautifully simple, yet overflowing with extraordinary design features including personal storage consoles, and an elegant single leaf table.

Series 7 is crafted using the finest materials and delivers unparalleled legroom, class-leading width and full recline.

All of which make it the perfect travelling companion.

Series 7 product features
• Extraspatial Design optimises the ‘space within the space’
• Premium / Business Class Seat
• Wide and narrow body variations
• 60” Width (A320 First Class version)
• Class-leading 30” living space width (A321 configuration)
• Unparalleled legroom from 34” pitch
• Elegant single leaf table
• 8” recline with fully articulated seat pan
• Minimal profile literature pocket
• Innovative personal stowage options
• Wide, customisable trim and finish options
• Seat weight p/pax (including fabric cover, foam, life-vest pouch and seat belt, IFE provisioning): around 20kg
• Seatbelt delta weight p/each: 240g
• Seat width: 508mm width (between armrest)
• IFE display size of maximum 17”
• Certification standard - ETSO/TSO C127b (16g)

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Our passenger comfort levels are significantly increased by the Acro Ultra seat, which at 29” pitch gives legroom comparable to a conventional seat at 32”.

For Primera, the cost savings associated with weight reduction and maintenance of this very durable seat are an essential part of staying competitive in today’s market.

Odd Gomsrud Director
Technical Operations
Primera Air

We searched the market for a robust, lightweight and reliable seat that would enhance the image of our cabin. The Acro seat was the clear winner – we checked with existing users and have done even better than we expected. It is an ideal seat for this aircraft

Mick Conlon
Director of Engineering
Aer Arann

Our passengers think that the Acro Superlight offers excellent overall comfort. We appreciate the durable design and light weight through minimal maintenance costs and future fuel savings…

Andrey Yurikov
Engineering Manager